Olivetti MB-2 Printer - Call for Price

Olivetti MB-2 Printer - Call for Price

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is a specialised multifunction peripheral for bank front offices.With its ultra-compact dimensions and extensive range of functions, MB-2 simplifies front-office installations and supports new applications.MB-2 is the ideal tool for document platform solutions, enabling text and image acquisition directly by the cashier.

Functions such as optical character recognition and magnetic code line recognition, are just two of the many options available.MB-2 is compatible with the applications currently implemented onthe PR2, Olivetti’s highly successful bank printer.

  • A4 duplex scanner, black/white, greyscale and colours up to 600 dpi
  • 24-dot matrix printer with auto-border and auto-alignment
  • Three-port USB 2.0 HUB, including a front-facing port
  • Operator display for machine messages and application messages.

The evolution of the world’s most popular printer for bank teller applications.
PR2 plus
is the specialised printer for multifunctional front-office applications
capable to print on
single-sheet and multiple-copy documents and on
PR2 plus handles a full range of bank teller forms
, recognizes passbook
magnetic stripes, reads CMC7 and E13B codes and provides
(as MB-2 model)
simultaneous dual-side scanning
for documents with widths of up to 210
mm. Equipped with a full character-generator set,
PR2 plus is an efficient
device to meet local compliance requirements around the world.

Stylish and ergonomic
, with an optimized design, PR2 plus keeps dimensions
to a minimum, ranking as one
of the smallest specialised printers for this
market segment.